The Aurochs is Here!

As I was telling you some months ago, we wanted to make the new album available on CD, for anyone to buy. We’ve settled on using cafepress.com to begin with, they offer a great on-demand printing service and ship all over the world. I didn’t want to make it all public until I tested it myself, so I sent them a Master CD of the album and then I ordered it. It took two weeks for the CD to get here, but it was worth the wait; it came out surprisingly good!

Here it is, still wrapped in plastic.

I was afraid (judging by the image preview feature on cafepress) the writing would come out blurry, but as you can see, it came out really sharp and the lyrics (Romanian version pictured here) are easily readable!

…and there’s the whole package! Ain’t that a beauty to behold? You can now buy yourself a copy of the best mioritic album of 2007, right here. And also, what better occasion than this to announce the opening of the official Pandrea shop, Greuceanu’s Grotto – featuring everything from t-shirts to yard signs!

Enjoy folks, and stay Pandrea! \m/


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