Aurochs Bellow

After months of intense labour, Pandrea release Aurochs Bellow, a conceptual album based on the history of the World and the Romanian people, from the beginnings up to the Great Union of Mihai the Brave. The fifth Pandrea album, Aurochs Bellow can be downloaded in mp3 format here (includes lyrics).

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  1. Aurochs Bellow: The Ancestral Zamolxian Hunt for the Aurochs and it’s Demise on the Plains Currently Known as Transylvania Resulting in the Etnogenesis of the Brave Romanian People 0.03
  2. Praslea and His Australopitheccian Adventures 5.06
  3. Greuceanu and The Aurochs’ Revenge 21.04
  4. Ode (Bucur, Decebal, Traian, Burebista) 5.40
  5. Mircea the Elder 5.34
  6. Stefan the Great and Romania’s Europe 2.38
  7. Vlad the Impaler 4.32
  8. Mihai the Brave 8.08

A special note for non-Romanian speaking listeners: there are English translations of the lyrics available in the download pack, but you may want to skip over track 3 – it’s a narration of a traditional Romanian tale. Here‘s a small wikipedia page about the story, if you’re interested. We just took its text and adapted it to the Aurochs theme.


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